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Pretending to be calm, I m waiting for your failure to each other xiao yan smiled, and stepped on the back of the stone platform xiao yan s innocence made the sneer on han xian s face a.

Xiao yan s soul power had already invaded the medicine cauldron, and under the slight sway of his soul power, the temperature of the blue flame rose and fell, all in one thought under.

Fourth rank, and if he was asked to refine the fifth rank elixir, the failure rate was astonishingly high as for xiao yan, although these elders knew that this little guy had a blue.

Fingers slowly passed over the medicinal materials on the stone platform occasionally, he tapped his fingertips randomly, and a strangely shaped medicinal material would be caught between.

Advanced with the economic strength of the medicine gang, if we want to block us on the way of medicinal materials, we have no power to resist, so we can only rely on ourselves en xun er.

Subtle sound coming from the stone platform immediately, xiao yan s palm suddenly stopped, his brows slightly frowned, and the palm of his hand caught a plant of medicinal material that.

Kinds of medicinal materials before, and his previous efforts were wasted because of distraction, while han xian had just refined the eighth strain and failed can see in the first.

The inner courtyard, almost no .

How To Extract Cbd Oil At Scale ?

Cbd Gummies For Anxiety sending cbd gummies to india Construction View Online jello cbd gummies Cbd For Sleep. one knew about it looking at the current situation, he seemed Cbd Sleep Gummies sending cbd gummies to india to be quite familiar with xiao yan for a while, the whispers spread uncontrollably the eyes.

So it s you who sells counterfeit medicines the appearance of han xian also caused lin yan to frown slightly, but then, the same sarcastic voice was spit out by him han xian didn t pay.

Medicinal materials they bought, and we will buy them all at double the price there are not many other things in the medicine gang, but more fire energy yes hearing the leader speak, the.

Faster than the first refining seeing xiao yan s terrifying refining speed, everyone in the square was a little stunned even the previous careful refining failed now he dares to do it so.

Yan s heart was filled with anger, a familiar joking voice suddenly came out from the crowd, and then a Cbd Sleep Gummies sending cbd gummies to india gray shadow flashed out like a ghost, and finally appeared in front of xiao yan and.

Ordinary fifth grade pharmacist, does not have a high success rate fifth grade pill hearing the words that came out of xiao yan s mouth, the people below couldn t help but burst into.

It was originally agreed that you watermelon cbd gummies 500mg would not trouble your panmen casually, hey, but it did not include being entrusted by others to teach you a group of arrogant freshmen some lessons.

Occur at this last moment elder hao s expression also changed at this moment, his brows were tightly frowned, and his eyes were fixed on Construction View Online sending cbd gummies to india the medicine cauldron after a moment, he raised.

Surprise in his heart he didn t expect that this guy still possessed such a precious flame judging from xiao yan s soul power, although this golden flame is far inferior to the sending cbd gummies to india strange.

Medicine this kind of cbd gummy test medicine not only has a certain healing effect on internal injuries, but also has a relatively good healing effect on external injuries this kind of medicine pill.

The hot air, and his face was instantly flushed with redness I freeze after the sound of drinking fell, xiao yan s palms were suddenly clenched tightly, and as his palms closed, the.

Is the leader of panmen who sells the elixirs recently, could it be xiao yan who is rumored to have refined these elixirs I heard that people from cbd gummies for acne the bai Cbd For Sleep sending cbd gummies to india gang are kicking at the panmen.

You said, it s really your medicine gang who let the white gang attack panmen lin yan frowned and said lin yan, I advise you not to mind your own business although you are ranked tenth in.

Thoughts in his mind, han xian suddenly said in this way, if you lose the competition, not only will panmen not be allowed to sell pills in the future, sending cbd gummies to india but you will also have to give me.

A cough came out from the white mist, and then footsteps sounded, and a somewhat embarrassed young man in black robe walked out slowly at this moment, xiao yan s face had some dark spots.

Back down, so he had to take a step forward and said in a low voice to lin yan no need to talk nonsense I owe xiao yan a favor naturally, I want to help jello cbd gummies Best Cbd Gummies them if you want to move them, you.

Panmen has just started, the fire energy needed for rewards is naturally paid for by a few of us xun er s has been used almost the arena is almost outstretched hearing hu jia s last.

Both of them had entered the first step of the problem, and that was because of the cumbersome steps, they didn t know which step to take for a moment, everyone in the audience could only.

Looking nano cbd gummie forward to the scene when his face became ugly however, after two minutes passed, xiao yan s face did not appear as ugly and embarrassed as he had before, but only showed more.

Back yet xiao yan asked in a vague voice after stuffing a piece of pastry into his mouth the refining in the past few days has almost used up the medicinal materials purchased earlier.

A sigh of relief, and said with a smile head, you can really sleep from early morning to night hehe, it s artest xiao yan couldn t help but chuckled when he saw the person who was poking.

Poison in terms of level, bingqing pill may be able to enter the top level of the second grade from a certain point of view, .

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sending cbd gummies to india Cbd Gummies Near Me, Broad Spectrum Cbd jello cbd gummies Cbd Gummies For Kids. it is not an exaggeration to say that this kind of .

How Cbd Gummies Makes You Feel ?

Cbd Gummies For Anxiety sending cbd gummies to india Construction View Online jello cbd gummies Cbd For Sleep. elixir is a.

Bai cheng, and said indifferently senior bai cheng, i, panmen, will remember the kindness you gave me, and I will come back in the future hey, as long cbd gummies stogies as you don t rely on other people.

No difference hearing the words, han xian frowned slightly, and said that he was not pure kana premium cbd gummies for tinnitus very sure about this so called longli pill , but if the refining failed, wouldn t he be similar to.

Opposite to be continued what to propose hearing xiao yan s words, han xian was stunned for a long time, as if it was quite unexpected, after a long while, he said with some vigilance.

The medicine cauldron flew all over the sky fall short looking at the stone platform where a faint white mist rose from the furnace, elder .

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jello cbd gummies Wyld Cbd Gummies Review Cbd Sleep Aid sending cbd gummies to india Construction View Online. hao sighed with great supreme cbd gummies ingredients regret if the quality of.

Smile but it s a pity that there is no chance to gain weight a white gang can discredit your panmen, and you still want to gain weight, han xian said with a chuckle han xian, from what.

Across the dark square, and occasionally his eyes would pause in some places, and a smile could not help .

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Where Does American Shaman Get Their Cbd Oil ?sending cbd gummies to india Cbd Gummies Near Me, Broad Spectrum Cbd jello cbd gummies Cbd Gummies For Kids.
Where Can I Sell My Cbd Oil ?Best Cbd Gummies On Amazon sending cbd gummies to india Cbd Sleep Gummies, jello cbd gummies.
What Antidepressants Interact With Cbd Oil ?Best Cbd Gummies On Amazon sending cbd gummies to india Cbd Sleep Gummies, jello cbd gummies.

Cbd Gummies For Anxiety sending cbd gummies to india Construction View Online jello cbd gummies Cbd For Sleep. but appear in his eyes these old guys really can t bear it cough a hoarse cough.

Being stunned for a vortex cbd gummies 50 pack while, and then they went back separately, and agreed on tomorrow s north square brother xiao yan, that han xian seems to have a bit of confidence on the way back, xun.

The cub of the seventh level phantom fire scorpiondramon breaks out of its shell, this kind of magic golden fire will remain in the shell the shell will be burned to ashes within three.

Today judging from the situation, panmen should be targeting the bai gang, hehe, this is a good show .

What Color Is Full Spectrum Cbd Oil

jello cbd gummies Wyld Cbd Gummies Review Cbd Sleep Aid sending cbd gummies to india Construction View Online. the peaceful inner courtyard suddenly became noisy because of the gummies cbd thc uk vicious panmen many.

The previous enemy, and the elixirs in his hands seemed not to be fifth grade elixirs, but just some low level elixirs seeing xiao yan wake up from the state of closing eyes, xun er and.

Since everyone is a pharmacist, it would be a little disqualified if you are a real pharmacist like ordinary people, so if .

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Cbd And Melatonin jello cbd gummies, sending cbd gummies to india Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies 10 Mg Cbd Gummies. senior han xian is capable, we can use the method of a.

Will naturally be destroyed xiao yan s calmness made han xian frown, and he could only sneer and sneer in his heart it seems that the situation is not very bad below the square, xun er.

Bullying the younger you have a try xiao yan s eyes were as cold as a snake, his right hand was slightly spun, and a huge mysterious heavy ruler flashed Cbd For Sleep sending cbd gummies to india out today, he has made up his mind.

Extraordinary turning his eyes to xiao yan who closed his eyes, elder hao could feel from his more and more peaceful breathing that the previous failure did not make his mood fluctuate at.

Everything tomorrow s north plaza, we ll have a showdown in alchemy, how about it I m looking forward to your three prescriptions han xian raised a touch of disdain at the corner of his.

Of him seeing the fatigue remaining herbalogix cbd gummies on the faces jello cbd gummies Best Cbd Gummies of the three of xun er, he couldn t help but chuckled and said, thank you these medicinal materials have spent more than 180 days of fire.

Grow stronger, one person said a little angrily the man ignored the noise below, and tapped his fingers on the cbd gummies stock table lightly after a long time, he said in a cold voice investigate the.

That can directly increase strength therefore, it is more difficult to refine than ordinary fifth grade elixir elder hao actually chose such a difficult test question even in the alchemy.

From tomorrow onwards, I will give you a list of the medicinal materials needed to refine the elixir, and you will nature one cbd gummies buy them everywhere as for the alchemy, leave it to me to be continued.

Likewise, it seemed that his mood cost of pure cbd 300mg gummies by dr jamie richardson was slightly fluctuating because of the first failure xiao yan on the other side had completely closed his eyes at this moment, and did not move at all.

For such handicrafts, xiao yan would not have been able to produce them in the past, but now that he has pills for sale, with his alchemy skills, sooner or later the fire energy will be.

Bai cheng jello cbd gummies Best Cbd Gummies s face became a little ugly, and he looked at xiao yan with cold eyes, and said it seems that you are not only good at relying on women, but you are also very good at speaking.

More bright looking from a distance, it looked like a red gemstone, emitting a dazzling light in the blue flame after the formation of the condensed pill, xiao yan completed the following.

In his heart it seems that this longli pill can t be refined, and I don t have to plan to succeed in refining it, as long as .

Where Can I Get Cbd Hemp Oil Locally

jello cbd gummies Wyld Cbd Gummies Review Cbd Sleep Aid sending cbd gummies to india Construction View Online. the failed product can be better than xiao yan, then it will.

Head with a smile, xiao yan said with a smile, let s sit and rest first looking at xiao yan who was still calm, xun er pursed her lips and smiled slightly, and hu jia, who had an excited.

Firmly in their minds, they still felt a little unfamiliar after all, the fifth grade pill was not an ordinary thing even if it was placed in the black corner domain, the pill of this.

Comfort this little guy with extraordinary potential, the former stretched out his blood stained palm, and slowly spread it out with the spread of xiao yan s palm, a round dark red elixir.

Pharmacist to compete if I lose, panmen will sending cbd gummies to india not sell any pills in the future, but if you lose, please take back those secret things, how xiao yan flicked his sleeves, looked at han xian.

Energy the four of us originally did not have enough fire energy , but artai and other panmen members volunteered to donate some to make up for it the current medicinal materials are.

Said coldly xiao yan narrowed his eyes, and a little coldness flashed past also, the brothers we sent out to sell the elixir were all blocked by people, and even some hot tempered.

An eye, the medicine liquid disappeared, replaced by a thumb sized light red elixir prototype the elixir took shape, the most difficult step was over, cold sweat dripped down xiao yan s.

Brother xiao yan s refining pills, it would not be able to achieve the current results I heard that even the whole group of the yao gang worked together to refine alchemy the results in.

And said there are indeed other people who took action, and it s not a person, but a force xiao yan was taken aback when power heard the words this faction is called the medicine gang.

Heart cbd gummies st louis mo fire in xiao yan s hand naturally attracted the attention of han xian who had been paying attention to this side all the time there was a hint of surprise in sending cbd gummies to india his eyes at the moment.

People dressed in alchemist robes strutted into the square at the head of the group, a man was sneering at the corner of his mouth obviously, the previous sneer should be from him hey.

Department, there are only a few Cbd For Sleep sending cbd gummies to india people who can successfully refine this level of elixir elder hao smiled lightly, and regardless of their faces, he opened the scroll and read out the.

Each other, and sending cbd gummies to india they all heaved a sigh of relief standing on the second floor, smiling at the three people in the hall, xiao yan sending cbd gummies to india quickly walked down the stairs, came to the table in the.

Waiting for the monthly fire energy from the inner courtyard, but there are some stronger students who choose to enter the arena to use their records to win fire energy this Cbd Sleep Gummies sending cbd gummies to india is faster.

With a slight frown, the purchase of medicinal materials in the inner courtyard is quite expensive I think that if these elixirs are refined, we can organize a team in the cbd gummy bears uk review cbd gummy bears effects panmen or hire.

Sell the elixir, while xiao yan led people to sweep through the trading area and bought almost all the materials needed to refine the three kinds of elixirs as for xun er and the others.

Slightly, this time he intends to refine three kinds of elixirs, one is huiqi pill for recovering dou qi, this kind of elixir xiao yan has already refined with great proficiency, and now.

Jokingly at xiao yan who was facing him with his arms folded behind him stood bai shan and fu ao judging by the aura of the other two, it seemed that they should be fighting spirits who.

Overjoyed, bai cheng sneered and said, don t be careless, that guy s fire lotus fighting skill is said to be no match for reina I m afraid you can t beat him even if you fight head on.

Third grade elixir, because Cbd Sleep Gummies sending cbd gummies to india this kind of auxiliary elixir that can help people cultivate is much more valuable than healing medicines and other types of elixir and this kind of elixir.

Semi finished product that han xian had in his hand, and couldn t help laughing the corner of his mouth twitched slightly, and han xian smiled in an extremely ugly voice, and said elder.

Financial strength, so we must plan ahead xun er pondered well, you re right nodding heavily, xiao yan said in a deep voice, this medicine gang are kushly cbd gummies legit should not be underestimated starting.

Students who were eager to watch the vigorliterx cbd gummies excitement rushed to tell each other for a while, it also attracted most troublemakers to rush towards the location of the bai gang not good, boss in.

Longli pill there are probably more than forty Best Cbd Oil For Sleep jello cbd gummies kinds of large and small forests in total however, even though both xiao yan and xiao yan had read the prescription and kept the information.

Will be doubled remember, you must not refuse looking at artest and .

Will Taking Cbd Oil Show On Drug Test ?

sending cbd gummies to india Cbd Gummies Near Me, Broad Spectrum Cbd jello cbd gummies Cbd Gummies For Kids. his party again, xiao yan said loudly blocked by xiao yan, those panmen members who donated fire energy could only nod.

Astonishment turned into a gloating smile, especially after hearing a cluster of clicking sounds clearly, the smile became much more intense click under the gaze of all eyes, the cracks.

Two stone platforms below sending cbd gummies to india and the various medicinal materials filled on the stone platforms everyone has prepared three copies of the medicinal materials therefore, each sending cbd gummies to india of you has three.

Bai gang was startled for a moment, then a coldness flashed across his face, xiao yan said calmly these bastards really won t stop head, what should we do now this matter is unbearable.

The square where countless people were paying attention, an old man s figure suddenly flashed down from the sky judging from his face, it was that elder hao elder hao s eyes slowly swept.

So called rejuvenation pill probably needs no more than four kinds of medicinal materials, and all of them are extremely common medicinal materials this so called rejuvenation pill is.

Fingers slightly, and blue flames instantly rose from his fingertips the curling blue flame, like an elf, danced lively at xiao yan s fingertips, and under the beating of the flame elf.

Appeared in front of them in the cbd gummies reddit 2023 form of a victorious general, has never failed hope this Cbd For Sleep sending cbd gummies to india time is not an exception crunch in the dull hall, suddenly there was the sound of a door opening.

To be indebted to xiao yan, so after hesitating for a while, he also rushed over to the bai gang the appearance of lin yan naturally stirred up the crowd around him with his identity in.

Out, gradually sending cbd gummies to india How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last closed his eyes, and the soul power sending cbd gummies to india How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last burst out, and then invaded the scroll, obtaining the extremely complicated medicine refining materials inside under the watchful eyes.

Fast is this guy planning to smash the pot xun er and the others were similarly stunned by xiao yan s actions they looked at each other, but could only keep quiet and did not dare to.

Can only ask about the lihuo ax in my hand lin yan curled his lips, without any polite words, turned his palm, and a giant red ax about half a foot long appeared in his hand you was.

Bai cheng s complexion changed slightly, especially after seeing him laughing with xiao yan, his complexion was extremely ugly lin yan is the top tenth in the strong list , md choice cbd gummies and his.

Like thunder in xiao yan s ears the pupils shrank slightly, xiao yan shifted his .

Are Cbd Gummies Ok To Take While Pregnant

Cbd And Melatonin jello cbd gummies, sending cbd gummies to india Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies 10 Mg Cbd Gummies. gaze to the surface of the medicine cauldron, but found a small crack slowly spreading out, and he couldn.

Than a dozen people sat in it, the atmosphere was a little gloomy, and there were some dark waves flowing faintly at the head of the big table in the room, a man wearing the robe of .

What Is Cbd Oil Msde From

Cbd And Melatonin jello cbd gummies, sending cbd gummies to india Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies 10 Mg Cbd Gummies. a.

Past the pile of herbs on the left suddenly, his fingers trembled, and several plants of different types of herbs were precisely caught why do cbd gummies have melatonin in the fingertips with a light wave of the arm.

The two parties facing each other in the center of the square of the two parties in the arena, one side had a large number of people, and they were crowded together, at least forty or.

Huiqi pill is almost easy it s possible, but the elixir they refine to restore battle qi is not as effective as your qi elixir I bought one Best Cbd Oil For Sleep jello cbd gummies once and spent two days of fire energy, so i.

Their heads and turned their eyes to xiao yan who was still concentrating on refining, and said in a low voice but even if han xian did not succeed in refining, at least he handed over.

Cheng, will be able to exchange for a book of powerful fighting skills in the fighting skill pavilion, and he may be able to move up the .

What Is The Best Cbd Oil To Smoke

sending cbd gummies to india Cbd Gummies Near Me, Broad Spectrum Cbd jello cbd gummies Cbd Gummies For Kids. position on the strong list at that time, but at.

Competition, all eyes suddenly turned to the two people behind the stone platform, and the noisy voice gradually became much quieter xiao yan s eyes slowly sending cbd gummies to india How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last scanned the medicinal materials.

Is also at the fighting spirit level, but judging from his aura, he is at most similar to reina as for the rumors of xiao yan s astonishing combat power, han xian also heard a little bit.

Just fight during this time, panmen has also received a lot of bullying from the white gang if they keep ignoring mark levin cbd gummies it, it will not only increase their prestige, but also make panmen be.

Exhausted xiao .

Can You Smoke Cbd Oils ?

Cbd And Melatonin jello cbd gummies, sending cbd gummies to india Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies 10 Mg Cbd Gummies. yan sat down on the soft chair, with a tired face, and said softly to the three of them sending cbd gummies to india xun er and the three nodded excitedly, and the three rushed to the table, counting.

Turned the medicine cauldron into a furnace, and the irregular shape of the elixir prototype gradually became rounded during this baking, and the luster on its surface became more and.

Blue and one gold, rose separately xun er and the others watched xiao yan closely, and their clenched hands were unknowingly stained with sweat however, when they couldn t take their eyes.

Said embarrassingly since I decided to form this panmen at the beginning, I need to be responsible for these responsibilities after the elixir is sold out, I will ask de xun er to double.

Now it seems that you are a .

What Cbd Oil Kim Kardasian ?

Cbd Gummies For Anxiety sending cbd gummies to india Construction View Online jello cbd gummies Cbd For Sleep. group of gangsters with no integrity, no sending cbd gummies to india reputation, and no shame by the way, many inner courtyard students have heard of it hearing the laughter around him.

Erupted with the most violent ripples of energy ripples of energy spread out and quietly touched the medicine cauldron finally, everyone .

Where To Purchase Cbd Oil In Maryland

jello cbd gummies Wyld Cbd Gummies Review Cbd Sleep Aid sending cbd gummies to india Construction View Online. heard a low pitched explosion, and the pieces of.

Gang we need to let that bastard bai cheng know that if he wants to step on my thorn covered panmen without leaving a bloodstain, that s a bit extravagant um on the spacious boulevard.

Be fine with such a thought flashing in his mind, han xian lit the fire again, and then started the last refinement but this kind of alchemy has already embraced the state of mind of.

Refining, both of sending cbd gummies to india them ended in failure, but this failure seemed to make xiao yan appear more chic to be continued this time, han xian was obviously much more focused than before, but.

Batch of elixir refined was almost sold out, and .

Can Cbd Oil Cause Hot Flashes ?

Best Cbd Gummies On Amazon sending cbd gummies to india Cbd Sleep Gummies, jello cbd gummies. the large amount of fire energy they obtained made the entire panmen fall into excitement in the huge spacious and luxurious room, more.

Mouth, waved his hand, turned around and walked outside the square I m also looking forward to the sales place of your medicine gang xiao yan sneered slightly, his eyes suddenly turned to.

Face was pale and his figure was crumbling, and sighed they didn t expect that the seemingly smooth refinement would still go wrong how could it fail again han xian s face was pale, his.

Xiao yan walked out slowly although his delicate face was full of exhaustion, the joy on his brows really made the three people in the hall relax their tense hearts quietly they looked at.

Speed, but requires a heart that is not moved by external things han xian s heart has been fluctuating because of previous failures although the current trend is good, it may not last.

Words, lin yan and the others paused, looked at each other, and nodded with wry smiles now, cbd gummies for muscle spasms is there .

What Cbd Oil Is Of Highest Concentration ?

sending cbd gummies to india Cbd Gummies Near Me, Broad Spectrum Cbd jello cbd gummies Cbd Gummies For Kids. any other way in just one night, the news that panmen xiaoyan was going to compete.

But unstable, because if they meet someone stronger than themselves, not only will they not be able to win fire energy, but they will also lose a lot the blue hair on the forehead.

The medicine cauldron as han xian threw the medicinal materials into the medicine cauldron one by one, the attention in the field could not help but focus on him again sensing those.

Nodded slightly, and said, the preparations for this matter will start tomorrow xiao yan nodded, and said with a sending cbd gummies to india cold face now, everyone put down their things and follow me to the bai.

Pondered there are also some people who will go into the deep mountains to hunt monsters or search for various medicinal materials besides, outside the inner courtyard, there are vast.

On their faces made others feel chilly watching the large cbd gummies in clarksville tn crowd of people disappear at the end of the line of sight, on the road that was so frightened and calm, there were whispers just.

Hearing xiao yan s generous reward, the members of the panmen in the hall were startled at first, and then their faces were full of ecstasy immediately, the roar of excitement almost.

Immediately, panmen came to make trouble with such a big fanfare, my bai gang can t show the slightest timidity, otherwise, how can we gain a foothold in the inner court after cursing.

Which is far better than those random trading places you found, so you are not at a loss heh, I didn t expect senior han xian to also take a liking to the prescription in my hand it s.

Refining failed products, can you still refine real elixirs not paying attention to the regretful sighs from below, xiao yan stretched out his palm, and a surge of suction surged out.

Regular, but the color is completely different sending cbd gummies to india from han xian s mottled semi finished product if a person eats the semi finished product of the latter, will he gain a short term.

Twisted arc in mid air, shuttled through the crater, and finally burned away suddenly staring at the medicinal cauldron without blinking, xiao yan s long and slender fingers slowly moved.

To the same prescription, open a cauldron and refine it at the same time after the pill is completed, whose quality is better, han xian said in a deep voice okay, but who used this.

Soon as han xian showed up, there were bursts of cheers it seems that this guy does have a lot of reputation in the inner courtyard not long after han xian took the stage, the crowd.

Leader of panmen, xiao yan who refined those three kinds of elixirs, I never thought that your excellency would also be a pharmacist looking at each other for a moment, laughter came from.

Rushed back to the new area in the dark with excitement and exhaustion in a quiet room in the small pavilion, xiao yan looked at the natures only cbd gummies walmart large pile of medicinal herbs neatly arranged in front.

Of his fingertips, the rising blue flame in the medicine cauldron is also constantly twisting, and the temperature emitted by it is also high and low with a dignified face, xiao yan.

Said that xiao yan once defeated fu ao, and even had conflicts with bai cheng in public hehe, what a bunch of arrogant freshmen find someone to invite chief bai cheng here I have.

Probably only one of the first grade pills it seems that there is no competition this medicine gang doesn t even put in enough effort to refine the elixir smiling lightly, xiao yan took.

Today, the north square, where there are few people on weekdays, is full of dark crowds, and the noise is almost more violent than that in the arena looking at the dark heads on the.

Question is a bit difficult, but I don t know if you two dare to take it hearing this, xiao yan and han xian were startled, and looked at each other han xian took the lead in cupping his.

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