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Queens Uni Student Centre
Queens Uni, Student Centre

With their world-class developments for staff and students, Queen’s has some of the best campus facilities in the UK and Ireland.

Investing £700m over a 20 year capital development programme, they are continuing to transform Queen’s historic campus into a beacon of learning and innovation.

New Student Centre
Creating a social, open and flexible space, which can cater for the changing needs of students and create a new heartbeat for life on campus.

Planning is underway for the new Student Centre on University Road on the site of the former Students’ Union building.

The new Student Centre will transform the provision of student services and support offered by the University and the Students’ Union, sharing one central, state of the art facility for our 25,000 students.

Simulation Centre
The aim is to promote excellence in education of the healthcare professionals through an inter-professional simulation-based approach that drives safe, effective and collaborative care now and in the future.

The aim of the Centre is to better prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals by mirroring procedures and events in key areas such as acute and emergency care, chronic illness, paediatrics, mental health and maternity services.

Lanyon Building
Important conservation and restoration work was completed in 2019 on the iconic Lanyon building, the showpiece of Queen’s.

This involved the refurbishment and replacement of stone, brickwork, windows, leadwork, and rainwater goods.

The Lanyon project demonstrates our ongoing commitment, as custodians of our built heritage, to preserve and maintain our historic buildings for future generations.

A key part of our investment has been in new City Centre accommodation.

Work has completed on two new student developments in Belfast City Centre, providing 1,237 bedrooms in studios and clustered apartments, including gyms and social spaces.

Queen’s also continued their investment in existing accommodation, with over 1,750 rooms upgraded.