Make Real Ltd and Keltbray form Unique Partnership to Create Immersive Training Products for the Construction Industry

Leading UK immersive learning studio, Make Real Ltd, and the UK’s leading specialist civil engineering and construction services business, Keltbray, have formed a unique partnership to create a range of branded Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) training application products, to enhance and improve offerings throughout the construction industry, across a range of sectors.

As highlighted by recent industry reports by CITB, CIOB and CLC, there is a pressing need to modernise construction training through the incorporation of immersive technologies, resulting in improved training outcomes and wider appeal to future workforce candidates.

Following a period of collaboration on private projects, Make Real Ltd and Keltbray have decided to join forces and create a partnership to co-author and co-develop applicable training materials, aimed at enhancing existing offerings, based upon years of experience designing and delivering content across the built environment sector (AEC, utilities, energy and telcos) against validated use cases.

These immersive training applications will be offered as off-the-shelf licenced packages to construction customers, complete with software, hardware, device management solutions and supporting training provision for facilitators and heads of learning.

Initial products will incorporate the SkillShield platform, designed to provide timestamped learner-based, irrefutable evidence of completed training, for future audit and review as required, across a range of immersive technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) and networked mobile devices. Whilst aimed at the construction sector, SkillShield can be incorporated into any VR experience that would benefit from video data evidence, providing assurance and safe-guarding your training.

“After working closely with the Keltbray XR team for the past three years on internal applications, we felt it was the right time to form the official partnership, to co-create and offer validated immersive technology training applications to the wider construction sector. These initial products have been in development over the past year with internal user testing and feedback, until we all agreed that they were ready to go to market. That time is now.”

Ben Dykes, Client Services Director, Make Real Ltd “We are delighted to have established our formal partnership with Make Real after a number of years successfully working with Keltbray Extended Reality, led by Dave Rowe to create applications which push the boundaries of what is possible with Mixed and Virtual Reality in the construction industry. 

“Our SkillShield® platform provides the missing link in virtual reality training, creating indelible records connecting the trainee irrefutably to the evidence of their training.  Added to this, direct access to Keltbray Lifting Services, led by Steve Leyton, has enabled us to produce industry-leading immersive training content that will help transform the industry’s approach to people development, and bridge the growing skills gap in our industry.”

Holly Price, Group Skills and Communities Director, Keltbray

For more details about supported products Signal Slinger, Site Access Traffic Marshalling and Rear Guard, for Oculus Quest VR headsets, please get in touch for licensing and trial information.

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