The National Association of Building Contractors Takes the Headache out of Finding the Right Accredited Builders

Finding a builder in England is quite easy. Finding an accredited builder who provides first-class work is another story, The National Association of Building Contractors are here to help and is winning praise in the process.

It’s a big decision and serious commitment to have an extension built on a home, to have a room or rooms renovated, or to move forward with another significant home improvement job. Probably one of the most important factors involved in having a great experience, with quality work done at an attractive price (that stays on budget) is finding the right accredited builder for the job. In a crowded marketplace, this can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, the leading builder association in the United Kingdom, The National Association of Building Contractors (NABC) is doing its best to help. The NABC specialises in helping consumers find the right builder for their projects through taping into the qualified members of their association. All of who are licensed and insured.

“Now is the time where many face the daunting task of finding a builder,” commented a spokesperson from the NABC.  “Don’t be put off by all the publicity about many builders. It wouldn’t be news if all builders were the same. The large majority of builders are reputable and will do a good job on your building work. When you come to us you can count on an accredited builder that has been vetted professionally.”

According to the association, the process builders need to go through before being allowed to join include checking on three or more references from other customers who they have carried out work, seeing a copy of their up-to-date public liability insurance that is then held on file, and then conducting regular on-site visits to inspect the quality of their work. If poor quality work is discovered they are expelled from the association.

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