Chancellor Rishi Sunak visited North East to Identify the Preferred Permanent Location for the Darlington Economic Campus


Last week, Rishi Sunak visited Darlington to identify the proposed location for the Treasury’s Darlington Economic Campus (DEC). Board members from Construction Alliance North East (CAN) were in attendance, alongside other local businesses, and MPs from the North East region. There were questions around levelling up, the DEC and benefits of this for local high-quality jobs and opportunities. 

CAN heard how the new policy will be influenced and formulated and how local people and organisations should now be able to input more due to these key Government departments being based in the region. The board intends to follow up on this theme and will be requesting meetings with relevant departments, as they strive to ensure that the voice of regional SME contractors is always heard to the benefit of the local industry.

CAN welcome this new and exciting development and look forward to working with local and central government to help create a more level playing field for regional contractors here in the North East and hopes that regional contractors can play a part under the governments “levelling up” agenda.

From a non construction position this move should also bring more high-quality jobs to the region with clear career paths for young people to follow.

Moving forward, CAN will also be the point of contact for the Treasury office in Darlington for site visits when the Ministers and others visit the region.

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