Cadman Cranes Reduce Customer Carbon Footprint by 98%

UK’s leading mobile crane hire provider Cadman Cranes cut carbon dramatically by switching vehicles from regular diesel to HVO biofuel.

It’s no secret that mobile cranes are notoriously unfriendly to the environment and play a key role in the production of harmful CO2 emissions. Although manufacturer emissions continue to improve, their exceptionally heavy road-bearing weight and requirement for high-powered, diesel-thirsty engines contribute to the 26 million tonnes of CO2 produced by road going vehicles each year. If we are to save our planet, immediate action is required to improve sustainability, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and work towards a greener future – and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

An in-depth analysis found that over a 12-month period, Cadman Cranes were producing on average 673-tonnes of CO2, with 533-tonnes of this solely from the use of red diesel in their diverse fleet of mobile cranes. With an established sustainability strategy in place, the leading crane hire business based in Essex took the lead on what could be considered one of the biggest transitions the mobile crane industry will ever face – becoming the first UK mobile crane hire business to switch from regular diesel to HVO, a renewably sourced green fuel alternative.

Cadman Cranes successfully switched 100% of their crane fleet to the new fuel alternative ahead of schedule at the end of 2021, and as part of the Milbank Group, the switchover plays a major role in the Group’s overarching sustainability strategy that will contribute towards a cleaner planet.

Cadman Cranes

Managing Director, Matt Waddingham, said: “We are a mobile crane company, and we can’t avoid taking these big vehicles on the road. But we can do it in the most responsible way possible by investing in the huge advances in green technology that exist right now.”

“The introduction of HVO to our crane fleet meant an immediate reduction in CO2 of 514-tonnes a year and saw our carbon footprint drop by 73% overall. This is on top of greatly improved air quality caused by a substantial reduction in Nitrogen Oxides and particulate matter. The benefits of a switch to HVO are undeniable and for Cadman Cranes it is a vital first step on our journey to net zero carbon.”

But the benefits don’t stop with Cadman Cranes. With ‘The Environment Act’ legislation (designed to protect and enhance our environment for future generations) now passing into UK law, we are soon set to see a wide range of new regulations and targets to be achieved for those working within construction. Calculations have shown that by utilising HVO biofuel in their cranes, Cadman helped customers reduce their carbon output per hire by more than 98%, contributing towards everyone’s individual sustainability goals and targets, whilst greatly improving the air quality for employees on the ground.

If you have regular requirements for mobile crane hire across the UK and are keen to reduce your impact on the environment, Cadman Cranes can be contacted directly by email or phone on 01206 986610 or

HVO meets EN 15940 standards and the Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EC Annex II, so can be used as a direct, drop-in alternative to mineral diesel. It can used without changes to infrastructure or capital expenditure, removing cost barriers and enabling a practical step towards decarbonisation. Synthesised from waste fats and vegetable oils, it is renewable, sustainable and 100% biodegradable, mixing well with pre-existing diesel. It has been readily approved by many of the large OEM engine manufacturers and boasts an impressive storage life of up to 10-years.

Cadman understand the importance of protecting both their local community and the environment and accept that work towards a more sustainable future will never be complete. They are committed to continual research and development that ensures they are always progressing and heading in the right direction. They are currently investigating the feasibility of using HVO in the remainder of their fleet and support vehicles, along with switching over to fully-electric alternatives where possible – a huge development in reducing carbon emissions further.

As part of their future planning, they are continually reviewing sustainability processes and analysing their effectiveness to provide options for improvements. They work closely with their supply chain to ensure that all companies they work with have similar environmental aspirations and offer support wherever possible to assist in achieving more together.

Cadman Cranes operate a wide range of mobile all-terrain, truck mounted and compact crawler cranes from their bases in Essex across the UK. Offering both CPA Crane Hire and Contract Lifting packages, they renowned for both safety and professionalism, have over 50 years’ experience, and are trusted by the UK’s leading construction companies.

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