RIBA Responds to Proposed Changes to the Architects Act

RIBA - Royal Institue of British Architects

The RIBA has responded to the launch of the government consultation on proposed amendments to the regulation of architects through the Architects Act 1997.

RIBA President, Alan Jones, said: “This milestone consultation outlines significant changes that seek to enhance the competence of UK architects and create a unified process for the recognition of architects’ qualifications internationally. It’s therefore vital that our whole profession responds, from architects within mainstream practice, to those within client bodies, contactors, future architects and their educators.

There’s no doubt that the requirements of our profession need to reflect the challenges facing our industry and society, from climate change to building safety, as the RIBA’s own new education and professional development framework – The Way Ahead – makes clear.

But there are other dimensions to the building safety and climate emergency challenges that face the profession; not least the need for less ambiguous and more ambitious buildings regulations and reform of our deeply flawed construction industry procurement processes, in which the golden thread of architects’ “deep generalist” expertise and knowledge of the project is often broken, with clients cherry picking advice, and with true value for money, user experience and environmental performance compromised.    

As a result of this consultation we need practical measures and a properly funded education system that will support current and future chartered architects to have the expertise to support government and clients deliver their commitments and aspirations, while acknowledging the real challenges and opportunities faced by the construction industry.

I look forward to engaging with our members, the ARB and MHCLG over the coming weeks.”

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