Aptus Utilities Secures 22 New Contracts as the NAVs Market Opens Up

Aptus Utilities, a leading multi utility connections provider, delivering gas, water, electric, fibre and street lighting installation services has today announced a series of contract wins where the developer has opted for NAVs for their water provision.

New appointments and variations or NAVs, are limited companies which provide a water and/or waste water service to customers in an area which was previously provided by the incumbent monopoly provider.

The NAV is the local water company for a development. It owns the water network and is responsible for the supply of potable water and removal of wastewater for the residents on the site. The upstream water source and wastewater journey offsite remains the responsibility of the incumbent network operator, much the same as with gas or electricity. 

Aptus Utilities has also opened discussions with incumbent water companies in their operating regions, United Utilities, Severn Trent Water, South Staffordshire Water, Northumberland Water, Yorkshire Water and Anglian Water, in order to establish the process with each company.

The business has been  working closely with Independent Water Networks Ltd (IWNL), which is part of the BUUK Infrastructure group of companies, to provide the benefit of NAVs to their client base for approximately two years.

Lisa Kerford, Managing Director from Aptus Utilities said “Naturally, developers are wary of new processes and opportunities, that vary from traditional and well-established methods. Facilitating discussions between clients and IWNL has been key to introducing the NAV process and benefits to developers and providing confidence.

“IWNL has been owning and operating water and waste water networks for many years, securing NAV appointments nationally and being appointed as the new licenced water company, suppling services to customers on new build housing developments.

Further regulatory changes last year have seen a level playing field created to allow full competition to thrive,  providing housebuilders with even more choice for asset ownership and installation of water and waste water networks. IWNL invest for the long term in our water networks, offsetting future revenues in order to reduce costs for developers as well as working with our partners such as Aptus, who provide additional commercial benefits by  installing new water networks as  part of an integrated multi utility delivery”. Charlie Thackeray, Water Network Director, IWNL.

These applications and design approvals are now being progressed with the water company UU and STW, IWNL to ensure smooth infrastructure installation and final connections.

Aptus Utilities aims to ensure they lead the market in the progression of new opportunities which enable commercial and sustainable benefits to be passed through to their clients.


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