New Build Housing Target Reinstated

New Build Housing Target Reinstated
A CGI of new Anwyl homes, similar to those at Cross Fields in Catterall

Yorkshire based Multisite Hoarding company, Rethync Ltd, provide insight into the latest government U-Turn to affect the housebuilding and construction industries; the re-commitment of the 300,000 new build housing targets.

Phil Chadwick, Managing Director of Rethync Ltd comments: “It’s been a confusing couple of months for the Built Environment lately, as we’ve seen a lot of different changes in government in a short period of time, one being the new build housing target. Last month it was scrapped, but now Michael Gove is back in his role as Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, the target to build 300,000 new build properties by the mid-2020s is here again. And as the UK faces a housing crisis the construction industry will have an important role to play.

We cannot gloss over the fact that the rising costs of materials the Built Environment faces won’t play on businesses minds after this announcement, and with more new build construction on the horizon, building sites will need site hoarding systems to ensure safety and security of those on and around the site is in place.

“Here at Rethync, our company aim is to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle, and if we can support a construction site in keeping their costs down with our Multisite Hoarding, we will.

“With the 300,000 homes target back on, it could mean that construction companies need to expand building site locations, so they’ll need a Multisite Hoarding system that is easy to transport and store. The great thing about Multisite hoarding is it’s like a jigsaw piece – it can be delivered in component form and assembled on site. Likewise, once dismantled it is stacked into efficiently transportable and storable pallets, reducing overall transport costs.

“As a partner with housebuilding companies, we know it won’t be easy supporting the Governments 300k new homes target, but with our robust supply chains one thing we know we can guarantee is reliable, Multisite Hoarding. So, while you help meet the governments targets, we can help you reach yours.” 

Rethync Ltd work with construction companies and house builders across the UK providing site hoarding for construction companies. For more information contact Rethync on 03300 535898 or

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