SFG20 Introduces New ’Smart’ Software Solution for FM Professionals – The Latest Innovation in the 30-Year Journey of SFG20

SFG20 introduces new ’smart’ software

SFG20, the industry standard for building maintenance, has launched a new software solution designed to address the ‘once in a generation’ challenges facing the facilities management industry.

Facilities-iQ,  a completely new ‘smart’ software solution has been designed to aid regulatory compliance, improve auditing, and facilitate better collaboration between building owners, managers, maintenance teams, contractors, and consultants.

The new product has been launched to help users stay on top of ever-changing legislation and regulation whilst also routinely managing maintenance tasks and their financial and technical risks. FM professionals will also find the content available through Facilities-iQ will also support them in striking the right balance between compliance and business criticality. 

The launch has followed a rigorous development process guided by the findings from FM professionals who shared the unprecedented challenges they’d experienced from a barrage of new legislation.

The Fire Safety Act 2021, The Building Safety Act 2022, and the Fire Safety Regulations (England) 2022 are just three examples of how legislation has shifted priorities and responsibilities for everyone involved in the maintenance of built assets. 

A major benefit of this new smart software solution for FM professionals is that it allows users to tailor SFG20 content to suit the unique needs of their facility, while still benefiting from automated update notifications whenever SFG20 content is updated to align with regulatory landscape changes. This means users can update the library of best practice and compliance information combined with their own unique knowledge of a site and its assets. This will help them accurately target resources, including external contractors, to minimise costs and improve efficiency.

Facilities-iQ is the latest innovation in the 30-year journey of SFG20.

Kirsty Cogan, Managing Director at SFG20, said: “This launch is very much in tune with this new era of digital facilities management.

“We have come a long way from the paper-based schedules created by those pioneering HVCA members whose work was also revolutionary in its day.

“Today’s industry can now harness the power of the latest software tools to transform the way they manage their valuable and complex assets. As well as helping them achieve compliance with their increasingly onerous regulatory responsibilities, Facilities-iQ is a great way for FMs to provide evidence of how their work adds value by making our built environment safer, healthier, and more comfortable.”

Facilities-iQ will be available on Wednesday 31st January.

For more information about Facilities-iQ and how it can manage your building maintenance compliance with its revolutionary features and benefits, please register for SFG20’s pre-launch event on Wednesday 17th January at 12 pm here:  https://www.sfg20.co.uk/webinar/facilities-iq Customers can attend a unique preview on Tuesday 16th January at 12 pm

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