Monzo Report Reveals the State of the UK Construction Industry

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Monzo Business’ new report takes a deep dive into the state of the construction industry and the opportunities available in the sector

According to government data, 2.1 million of the UK workforce currently work in construction, and new figuresshow that around 225,000 extra workers will be needed by 2027 to meet industry demands. 

With this in mind, Monzo Business has conducted a new report, looking into the state of the UK’s construction sector. The research has revealed where in the UK offers the most opportunities for skilled workers, what the most in-demand construction jobs are, and where the skills gaps may lie. 

Powys is the UK’s tradesperson capital, with 1 in 10 residents employed as a skilled worker 

Wales is leading the charge when it comes to the employment of skilled workers. Four of the top five UK authorities with the highest percentage of skilled workers are located in the country. Powys takes the top spot, with 9.2% of the population employed in a skilled trade, closely followed by the Isles of Scilly (9.1%) and Ceredigion (7.6%)

RankLocation% of the population employed in a skilled trade
2Isles of Scilly9.10%

Electricians are the most in-demand construction trade in 2023

Electricians have topped the list as the most in-demand construction trade in the UK with over 1.6 million searches on Google a year from the public, and 6,755 job vacancies for those looking to get into the profession. The UK public has clearly been in need of some significant electrical assistance locally this year, as the search term ‘electrician near me’ has seen a 50% increase since 2022. 

With high demand and a high number of vacancies unfilled, this highlights a potential skills gap within this trade. 

RankTradeAverage annual search demandNumber of job vacancies
4Road worker43,2005,768

Given that electricians are the most in-demand of all tradespeople, it makes sense that apprenticeships in these fields are also the most popular. The average yearly search volume for ‘electrician apprenticeship’ is 118,800, which is up 22% since last year, and the sector also currently has the most apprenticeships available, at 245. 

Welders are the most lucrative trade profession when it comes to yearly earnings, both as an apprentice (£22,000) and when qualified (£45,000)

In terms of which apprenticeships offer the highest starting salary, welders top the list, making an average of £22,000 per year. This is followed by plasterers and scaffolders, who both make an average of £19,000. 

Once qualified, skilled workers can make a lot more money. When looking at hourly rates, electricians are paid the most, at an average of £23. However, despite earning less per hour on average (£20), welders actually earn a little more per year than electricians, at around £45,000. This is perhaps because they tend to work slightly more hours in the week, usually between 37 and 40.

RankTradeAverage yearly salary (starting)Average yearly salary (experienced)Average hourly salary when qualifiedTypical hours a week
1Electrician£18,000£42,000£23.0130 to 40 
2Welder£22,000£45,000£20.0737 to 40 
=3Plumber£15,000£40,000£19.9340 to 45 
=3Scaffolder£19,000£40,000£19.9342 to 44 
4Carpenter£17,000£38,000£19.4344 to 46 
5Bricklayer£17,000£40,000£18.0543 to 45 

There has been a 23% increase in the number of women employed in the construction sector since 2022

The construction industry in general has often been dominated by men. But, since 2020, there has been a 23% increase in the number of women employed in the construction sector. In comparison to 1997, this represents a huge 41% growth.

The full report can be viewed here: 

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