SSEN Calls on Oxfordshire Generators and Asset Owners to Join Innovative Project Replicating Future Energy System

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is calling on generation owners and businesses in Oxfordshire to take part in one of the UK’s most innovative smart grid trials. Participants will help develop an evidence base for the role of communities in unlocking the UK’s net zero target, support network security and earn money through selling energy back to the grid.  

The upcoming flexibility market trials are part of Project TRANSITION and Project Local Energy Oxfordshire (LEO), two leading and innovative projects in Oxfordshire helping prepare for a shift in the electricity system. With an increasingly decentralised energy system, the projects are providing an understanding of how an energy system, where energy can be produced, stored, balanced and sold back to the system, interacts and behaves with different elements.

These flexibility market trials provide an exciting opportunity for generators and asset owners throughout Oxfordshire with at least 50kW of assets (including a combination of assets) to participate in the energy system of the future. Beginning October 2021 and ending May 2022, the six trial areas cover most of Oxfordshire.

Participants will be eligible to earn up to £500 per MWh of flexible energy and will have the option of selling energy to the grid at a fixed price, in addition to the traditional competitive auction, providing greater ease of use and security for interested participants.

With the Climate Change Committee (CCC) forecasting electricity demand could triple by 2050, the trials are playing a key role in helping us build a better understanding of the future energy system. As large-scale changes to how we generate electricity, heat our homes and power our journeys occur, flexibility provides a different approach to traditional electricity network management, helping delay costly traditional reinforcement or, in certain circumstances, avoid it altogether.

Brian Wann, TRANSITION Project Manager, said: “These projects are putting Oxfordshire at the forefront in developing our understanding of the net zero transition. But, they will only be successful if we can test and trial assets and approaches replicating the energy system of the future, today. That’s why we are calling on Oxfordshire businesses, generators and anyone that qualifies to come forward and support our efforts to unlock net zero.

“These flexibility trials provide an exciting opportunity and incentive for asset owners in Oxfordshire to participate in the electricity system of the future whilst earning money, and helping us progress our knowledge of it. By taking part, participants will help provide an understanding of where flexibility exists and support informed decision-making that promotes a cost-effective transition to a smarter and net zero electricity system.”

Asset owners, businesses and generators interested in participating can learn more and sign up here.

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